At Atlantic Medicine & Wellness, our goal is to maximize the expression of the perfection of the human body from within. We recognize and respect that all organic systems are self-maintaining, self-developing and self-healing. These systems function when, and only when, they are free from interference.

Our Chiropractic Physicians understand that the nervous system is responsible for orchestrating the internal and external dialog of the body’s proper function. We focus on removing any and all interference to the nervous system. When there is interference of the nervous system, the body simply cannot achieve its optimal levels, and pain, disease and poor function may result.

There are three main ways in which interference with the body’s nervous system develop:

  • Physical factors (as in a car accident or unexpected fall) causing abnormal function of the bones of the spine and results in pain or weakness; or repetitive motions (such as poor posture);
  • Emotional and mental factors (as in the everyday stresses of life or anxiety) that may add pressure to the nervous system and interfering with the body’s equilibrium or stability; and
  • Chemical and environmental factors (such as toxins in air, food or water.)

We have four branches of Chiropractic treatment that you may help with your overall wellness:

  • Disc Treatment – Investigate how the discs in your spine can potentially be damaged or worn down, and how we can approach treatment.
  • Foot Orthotics – Read about custom-made inserts designed to correct irregular walking patterns and balance in posture.
  • Muscles & Joints – Often used to treat back and neck problems, read about chiropractic care for muscles and joints.
  • Spine & Extremities – Learn more about care that investigate subluxations of the spine.

By identifying these problems in each patient, we can assist in removing the source of the interference and prevent it from reoccurring. Only when the pressure of the nervous system has been removed can our patients achieve their optimal wellness and allow their bodies to express their innate potential.

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