What is Heart Disease?

Heart disease, sometimes called cardiovascular disease or blood vessel disease, includes a broad range of heart health issues related to the process of atherosclerosis. The condition of atherosclerosis is a result of inflammation when plaque accumulates in the arteries and causes the passageways to narrow and block blood flow. These narrow passages can easily become clogged if a blood clot forms, which can cause a stroke or heart attack. Heart attacks occur when blood flow to the heart is diminished and strokes occur when the flow is blocked to the brain, starving the tissue of oxygen and glucose.


When a patient shows symptoms or is at higher risk for heart disease, such as in diabetes, we use diagnostic tools such as EKG testing, 2 dimensional echocardiograms, or sophisticated blood tests that indicate metabolic markers to diagnose the problem. This allows us to determine the severity and location of the blockage. We also take into account other risk factors, such as family history and lifestyle.

Our Approach to Treatment

For some, treatment for heart disease must be administered immediately, but it is best managed by properly addressing the cause. If a patient is at risk for a heart attack or stroke because of heart disease, or is recovering from an emergency event, we can work with him or her to create a comprehensive team approach to treatment including, medications where indicated, supplements, lifestyle changes, rehabilitation, nutritional support, nutrient infusion and wellness care.

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