Find Relief with Same Day Medical Care

At Atlantic Medicine & Wellness, we know that a medical concern can arise unexpectedly and schedule an appointment ahead of time is not always possible.

Same Day Medical Care Office Visits

Highly sought after for our expert care and treatment, our medical professionals  are available to treat those seeking primary care without the need to schedule an appointment. Patients seeking treatment have the ability to be seen the same day, able to find relief when they need it most.

Our primary care physicians will be able to treat chronic illnesses and all your family’s medical needs. In addition,  should you be suffering from the symptoms of a common cold, ear infection, strep throat, and more, you can come in for a visit without a prior appointment. It’s as simple as that!

To learn more or to schedule an appointment with our team of practitioners, you may contact us at 732-528-5533

Telemedicine Appointment Option

For telemedicine visits, call our office at (732) 528-5533 for details.

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