What is Physical Therapy for Sports Injuries?

Sports Injury RehabPhysical therapy is an effective, non-surgical option for recovering from sports injuries related to the spine, shoulders, wrists, knees, ankles, neck, and rotator cuff among others. It helps patients regain the strength and mobility they had prior to an injury, and in many cases, it can lead to an improved level of conditioning and enhanced sports performance.

Our Approach to Sports Injuries Treatment

The cause of an injury is often multi-faceted and complex, so our skilled NJ Physical Therapist works side by side with our patients to assist and guide them to full recovery. Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy begins with an individualized assessment of the patient’s weaknesses such as abnormal posture, flexibility, strength, balance, and biomechanical issues, as they relate to the specific sport. Treatments include a variety of modalities to hasten healing of the injured tissues, as well as manual therapy techniques and comprehensive and individualized exercise programs. In some cases, our multi-disciplinary approach may be indicated to assist in the treatment of pain and sports injuries.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation Wall Township

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