Nutrition rests at the foundation of leading a healthy lifestyle. However, many roadblocks may stand in the way of one’s ability to maintain a diet of optimal nutrition. Whether you’re looking to improve your diet for cardiovascular health, you suffer a health condition such as diabetes, or you’re looking to properly manage your weight, our clinical nutritionist is ready and able to offer expert assistance, in a comfortable and confidential atmosphere.

At Atlantic Medicine & Wellness, nutritional education and management plans are designed with the needs of each individual patient in mind. Through advanced testing, we are able to discover the underlying causes of illness or imbalances so that we can customize a food and nutraceuticals plan that allow patients to achieve wellness and vitality.

The clinical nutritionist of Atlantic Medicine & Wellness offers clinical nutrition services related to:

The team of Atlantic Medicine & Wellness understands that making a life change is difficult and success requires a thorough analysis of body chemistry, genetics, and living situations. With this insight, our clinical nutritionist is able to ensure recommendations that are unique and designed to fit the individual needs of each and every patient!

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