At Atlantic Medicine & Wellness, we understand that optimal health and wellness are multi-faceted, encompassing all areas of the mind and body. One condition or symptom can lead to a life of struggle and pain, meaning a life that you can’t fully enjoy. Our team of practitioners approaches diagnosis one step at a time, assessing each and every area of life so that we can hone in on the underlying cause of pain. This results in a treatment plan that patients can depend on for relief.

When a patient steps into our office, they are ensured a team that will carefully and strategically craft a patient care plan that will meet their needs. At Atlantic Medicine & Wellness, patients will find treatments and services related to:

The team behind Atlantic Medicine & Wellness believes that optimal health is achieved only through a comprehensive and highly personalized approach. This unique approach allows for the prevention and treatment of diseases and disorders and the support of a life encompassing longevity and wellness. Together, we’ll formulate a one-of-a-kind treatment plan designed with your unique needs in mind!

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