Immobility, injury, or post-operative conditions can leave patients of every age struggling to maintain an enjoyable and comfortable life. The physical therapy team of Atlantic Medicine & Wellness strives to eliminate pain and return patients to their optimal level of function and independence.

Our team physical therapist works with patients to craft a unique rehabilitative plan that will ensure the patient’s comfort and capability. Stretching techniques, massage, joint mobilizations, and therapeutic exercises are utilized to address both visible and underlying problems. Physical therapy modalities, such as a cold laser, ultrasound, and spinal decompression may also be incorporated into a treatment plan to boost the healing process and ensure prolonged success of treatment.

The physical therapies of Atlantic Medicine & Wellness include:

At Atlantic Medicine & Wellness, our physical therapist work closely with other practitioners and physicians in our office to ensure that rehabilitation fits appropriately into any existing treatment plans. Furthermore, each of the above therapies is available in-office, in order to ensure utmost convenience for our patients!

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