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“Welcome to Medicare” Physical Exam

Medicare Clinic Wall TwpMedicare pays for 100% for this once in a lifetime visit. The exam must be provided within the first 12 months of your enrollment in Medicare Part B; otherwise AMW is unable to provide you with this 100% covered visit. This physical exam includes a review of your medical health, education and counseling about preventative services, scheduling of any necessary screenings, shots and referrals as needed. The focus of this visit is putting you on your path to wellness with disease detection and prevention to help you stay vibrant and healthy.

Routine Office Visits

Medicare Doctor OfficeThis is a specific, problem-focused visit, or a follow-up appointment. It is a visit that focuses on a new or existing health problem, a specific disease state or medication refills or questions you may have for the doctor. This visit is subject to your deductibles, co- insurances or co-payments.

Traditional Physical Exam

Medicare does not pay for your annual traditional comprehensive physical exam. The cost of this visit will be entirely your responsibility.

“Annual Wellness” Visit

Medicare Part B covers an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) at 100%. This visit can occur 12 months after your “Welcome to Medicare” Exam and will continue once a year for as long as you have Medicare Part B coverage. Please note that the yearly AWV is not a physical exam. Our physicians and staff are well- trained in disease management, prevention and wellness. The purpose of the AMW is to focus on your wellness: to identify health risks and prevent disease, while keeping you as active and energetic as possible. At AMW, we provide each patient with an individualized and comprehensive care plan and tools to follow through on that care plan, all the while assisting you in navigating through the often confusing Medicare landscape and insuring you are taking advantage of all that is available to you.

Chronic Care Management Services

Chronic Care Management (CCM) is a non face-to-face service for Medicare patients who have two or more chronic conditions. Chronic conditions are ongoing medical conditions that are managed most effectively in a partnership between you and your dedicated health care team to monitor your conditions and maintain the best possible health. Examples of chronic conditions are: diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and others. A qualified nurse will talk to you on the telephone each month, at your convenience, about your symptoms, medications, and your health concerns. He or she will assist you in maintaining the comprehensive care plan suggested by your physicians at AMW. This service is in addition to your office and wellness visits and is covered by Medicare Part B at 100%.

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