What is Clinical Nutrition for Pre-Diabetes?

Pre-diabetes occurs when a person’s blood sugar level is consistently elevated, accompanied by other contributing important factors. Most health professionals believe it is possible to reverse pre-diabetes and reduce the risk of full-blown, Type II diabetes. Conventional therapy includes medication, as well as dietary and lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, many patients experience unexpected side effects from the medications intended to help them. In many cases, we have had great success by focusing on food and life style modifications.

Pre-diabetes is indicated by an elevated blood sugar level as well as other metabolic indicators. This means a person’s fasting blood sugar level is more than 100, but less than 126. In many cases, patients have undergone blood tests from their primary physicians and are referred to us for nutrition therapy. At Atlantic Medicine & Wellness, we also screen patients regularly, insuring more up-to-date data for better outcomes. . In many cases, patients improving their diet and lifestyle are able to reverse this condition without the use of drugs.

Our Approach to Support

For many, the best support for pre-diabetes does not include medication. Our program focuses on improving nutrition and lifestyle to prevent full-blown diabetes and reverse pre-diabetes. At Atlantic Medicine & Wellness, our approach often involves the transition to a low-glycemic diet. We also help patients build a healthy supplement regimen and share exercise education that promotes better outcomes towards achieving optimal wellness.

We believe pre-diabetes and diabetes are reversible. Our programs help patients achieve optimal health and prevent the long-term damage caused by one of the country’s most common medical problems.

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