NJ Fall Prevention & Balance Training. What is it?

Falling is the second most common cause of accidental death in the United States and the large majority of these accidents involve seniors. Many who fall suffer hip fractures and, in about a third of these cases, the fall eventually results in death. Even in cases when falls do not result in serious injury, the fear of falling may cause seniors to be inactive and feel insecure about leading a full life. The purpose of fall prevention and balance training through physical therapy in NJ is to help seniors and others with mobility problems move safely and with confidence. Education makes it easier to prevent falls and to determine what puts a person at risk for a fall.

Fall Prevention Therapy

Diagnosis from NJ Physical Therapists

An important part of fall prevention is determining why a person is at a greater risk for falling. In some cases, poor balance is related to health problems. Problems with vision, hearing, and blood pressure can all increase a person’s risk for falling. There might also be problems with foot health, proper footwear, and movement control and coordination. Finally, some medication combinations increase the likelihood a person will experience dizziness or drowsiness that could lead to a fall. Understanding why a person is at risk for a fall helps to prevent the incident.

Our Approach to Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Fall Prevention DoctorAt Atlantic Medicine & Wellness, we offer a fall prevention and balance training program that helps people ease their fear of falling and reduces the risks of a fall. Our New Jersey physical medicine and rehabilitation team addresses all the factors affecting balance and fall prevention, including strategies for creating a safe home or work environment. Patients’ fitness level, strength, and coordination are also assessed, as they all play an important role in improving balance, confidence of movement and a significantly improved quality of life.

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