Comprehensive Care

At Atlantic Medicine & Wellness, we believe that optimal wellness is best achieved through a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to wellness. This balanced approach to healthcare prevents and heals disease and supports a healthy, vital life style.

Predict and Prevent

Our team of dedicated physicians (medical doctors and chiropractors), physical therapist, clinical nutritionist, and professional allied health and support staff meet regularly to discuss our patient’s health care, and how to accelerate each individual’s healing process towards optimal wellness.

Proactive Not Reactive

We strive to achieve proactive solutions through a comprehensive program of regular medical visits (utilizing our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools), chiropractic care, sound nutrition, vitamin and supplement support, mental health support, physical therapy, and wellness services.

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Our Mission

To create a community of patients and practitioners that radiate well-being, enjoy longevity and realize their full wellness potential by delivering a multi-disciplinary environment that provides diagnostic excellence, unwavering therapeutic safety and state-of-the art healing modalities, all under one roof.

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