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I had bloodwork done and Gina [our phlebotomist] is awesome! Totally painless! I send everyone there! AMW is the best!

Thomas D., 03/14/2018

I’ve always had a problem when I needed blood work. They could never get the vein. It would take many times before they got it. But since Gina [AMW’s phlebotomist] is drawing the blood there are no more problems!I recommend many people to go to see Dr. Ricci. I tell them about the great care that I have gotten over these years.

Diane D., 02/08/2018

AMW has helped me reduce pain significantly so fat to a 2 from an original 9 on the pain scale. [I am now able] to perform more tasks than previously could.

The care at AMW is 5 star excellent. Dr. Peter Aloi has really done more for my shoulder than any other treatment I’ve had. I’ve tried many others Rolfing, massage, PT, dry needling etc.

AMW has talented medical professionals with innovative treatments for patient who really want to get better.

Denise M., 01/26/2018

I was 7 months pregnant when I came to Dr. Aloi with bad lower back pain and sciatic pain. After one ART session, I was already more mobile and in almost no pain. ART made the remaining months of my pregnancy bearable!! What shocked me the most was how quickly Dr. Aloi was able to correct the problem. I came for 5 weeks and had more movement and less pain than I did before I was pregnant. What’s even more amazing is how simple the movements and stretches were!

Don’t hesitate, call!! I had tried everything before coming to AMW and wish I had just started here. Dr. Aloi is amazing and the staff is extremely friendly. You really couldn’task for more in a doctor’s office.

Alyssa E., 12/30/2017

Many thanks to A.M.W., especially Dr. Pete for his chiropractic techniques and Dr Joanna for her Physical Therapy assistance. Three weeks ago, I was suffering with very painful back issues; I could not sit, stand or bend without excruciating pain in my lower back. Dr. Berkovich said we need an M.R.I. It showed two herniated discs in my lower back and an inflamed muscle. After one week of Active Release Therapy with Dr. Pete, I was able to start P.T. with Dr. Joanna. As an avid golfer, the back pain made my love of golf, yardwork and walking come to halt. The sharp pain is unforgettable.My wife was the first in our family to meet with Dr. Berkovich many years ago when he helped her with many medical issues and back problems. Dr. Berkovich’s extensive knowledge of medicine is remarkable. My daughter and son are longstanding patients for many years. It is comforting to know that my family and I can count on A.M.W. for professional medical care from caring pros.

Issy M., 12/13/2017

Dr. Peter Aloi quite literally saved me from spinal fusion surgery. I had been in agony for many months and tried everything. After finally giving up and realizing I would have to have surgery, I found Dr. Aloi. I crawled into his office and walked out of it. It was a major milestone towards healing.Dr. Aloi always makes my back feel so much better! Dr. Aloi is the reason I didn’t have rods and screws in my back. He saved me from surgery!

David S., 11/25/2017

Dr. Dave has restored my faith in chiropractic! He is understanding and pays attention to details which makes him a great professional. Dr. Ricci is four star!! Patient and so very smart in all ways.The care at AMW is outstanding!! Go to AMW!! You won’t regret it!!

Joseph C., 10/19/2017

When I moved here from Florida, I was truly afraid that I wouldn’t find a good doctor as my doctor in Florida was very good. However, I found a great doctor — Dr. Ricci. He is extremely wonderful in all ways.The complete staff is beyond great. The reception area is fantastic. Time that Dr. Ricci spent with me was timeless. He is patient and never rushes me. I adore the complete staff.

Just go to AMW!! Beyond wonderful and most important, I feel safe, secure and appreciated by the whole AMW!!

Louise C., 10/16/2017

I had a “long” pain between my shoulders and after 6 treatments with Dr. Aloi, it was completely gone and never came back. The treatments and care [stand out for me] — the staff are on time, friendly and effective.

I have recommended Dr. Aloi to several friends and relatives.

Holger A., 10/09/2017

I recently had a neck/shoulder issue that Dr. Aloi worked on with Active Release Techniques. Dr. Aloi spent the time with me to figure out exactly where my pain was and offered some life style suggestions that made a difference. Treatment was hands on and individualized to my injury. I am able to return to all of my activities and exercise.All of the staff at AMW is considerate, kind and accommodating. My entire family has seen the medical doctors, chiros, acupuncture, PT and the nutritionist. All give the highest quality of care.

I have always highly recommended the clinical staff at AMW and will continue to do so.

Cynthia O., 09/29/2017

When I went to Dr. Aloi, I could not even stand up straight. There was no long term treatment. Within a week I was back on my feet and pain free.The care I received was amazing. First of all, the staff at AMW are friendly, helpful and caring. I never feel uncomfortable nor did I feel rushed. Any questions were answered to my understanding. The Active Release Technique that Dr. Aloi uses is amazing!

I would definitely recommend [friends] to go to AMW for any care. By word of mouth, I have 4 friends going to AMW and 3 more interested!

Thank you AMW! Thank you! Thank you!

Jacqueline K., 09/14/2017

A small note and a BIG THANK YOU [to you Dr. Berkovich]! It is not often I feel compelled to write. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent care for 10 years that began with an auto accident.
Every time I speak with you, the first thing you ask is: “how do I feel?” I believe my health has steadily improved because of your innovative traditional and integrative medical protocols, even though I have gotten older. What more can I ask from my Doctor! You are truly a rarity in the medical profession.
I have also recommended friends who are now under your excellent care.
I would be remiss if I didn’t highly commend Dorys, Veronica, Toni, Gina and Helen who support me in every way and are all true assets to their professions and to Atlantic Medicine & Wellness!!

Bob K., 08/14/2017

It is with great enthusiasm and gratitude that I write this letter regarding Dr. David Koentop. When I first started working with Dr. Dave, I could only walk with a wide, stilted gate similar to that of a Zombie or Dr. Frankenstein. I could not navigate in crowds, walk where the ground had any patterns, walk on the boardwalk due to the planking, or where a floor reflected light (mall, food store). One of my great passions is playing tennis. I play 6 times a week. I could no longer play as I could not maintain my balance.My sudden-onset condition had totally altered my life, lifestyle and affected my family. Due to Dr. Dave’s motivational ability, kindness and proficiency, my fears disappeared and I was able to perform the needed therapy and I improved on a daily basis. Dr. Dave was relentless in finding the therapies that were needed for my challenging, multi-tiered condition. I had to leave the state to return to South Carolina after only 1 month of working with Dr. Dave. He was gracious enough to send me south with a written “homework assignment” so that I could continue to work on my therapy until I returned back to him.

Thanks to Dr. Dave, my walk is normal, I no longer walk with a stiff-legged gait, and I can do my own food shopping. I am back to playing tennis 6 times a week since balance is no longer an issue. I am most thankful for having regained my independence, not having to rely on my family, and for Dr. Dave.

Sandra S., 08/12/2017

I had a hip problem, and the treatment I received was excellent. The staff listened to all my complaints and fixed my problem to be 100% again!!
This says it all about the care I received here: I would send my MOTHER here and/or my WIFE!! Keep up the good work – many thanks to all for a job well done!
The facility and personnel are all very professional. Everything is “top shelf” including all the staff.

Gerald E., 08/08/2017

Jen [AMW’s Licensed Adult Counselor] has made a huge difference in my life. After suffering for far too long with anxiety and panic, she provided me with the tools to use in my daily life to overcome. I have never felt so connected and peace. She is amazing!The quality of care is like none other. Practioners care about you as a person and treat you as a whole. Dr. Berkovich has saved my stress and helped me find Jen who is outstanding at her job!

Dina, 07/11/2017

The day I walked in here [to AMW] three months ago after a car accident, I was a disaster. Dr. Rittberg was fantastic, told me how to take care of my concussion and referred me to Dr. Dave. Every time I came for treatment, he explained everything that was happening and why it was happening. He worked so hard to get me back to normal and reassured me every time that it would happen one day. I am forever grateful.Honestly, everything stands out [about the care I received at AMW]. Everyone is friendly, cares how their patients feel, takes the time to figure out what is going on, and understands frustrations. In addition to understanding the frustration of recovery, they are also genuinely happy for the successes as well.
I’ve already recommended you guys to everyone!! I tell them it’s an open, clean atmosphere, friendly and there isn’t that stiff “doctor’s office” feeling.

Susan M., 07/19/2017

I have followed Shannon Rittberg, DO, from her previous practice. She is the best doctor I have EVER had. She introduced me to Dr. Dave Koentop, due to my episodes of vertigo and light headedness – all have been resolved and I’m feeling better than ever. Dr. Dave has a very engaging and relaxing personality which complements my care with Dr. Rittberg. I feel they work together in regards to my care.The staff always treats me professionally in a cheerful and friendly way. Amy, Cathy, Gloriann and Kelly are my first sight as I come through the door – always all of them with a smile and Allreal, Lina, Brittany and sweet Gianna all complement the practice. I can count them all as new friends.
I have recommended several friends and family members to come to AMW and all of them that have come in are very pleased with the care. Thank you for the opportunity to give my testimonial.

Michele R., 06/10/2017

I started at AMW in January 2017. I was diagnosed with high triglycerides, cholesterol and blood pressure, and thyroid problems and Epstein-Barre. I am [now] off all meds (except the thyroid medicine)! I have lost 23 pounds and I feel great!Dr. Berkovich and Tracey Capell [AMW’S nutritionist] have spent a lot of time helping me. The diagnostic testing was thorough. And both have encouraged me to continue the program they gave me.
I would tell [a friend who was looking for a doctor] that Dr. Berkovich is the best. He is thorough. He cares about his patients. He has a great sense of humor. Tracey is very understanding; very encouraging. She has become a good friend.

Joyce O., 06/07/2017

AMW, specifically Dr. Vladimir Berkovich, has helped me recover from a recent ailment tremendously. Prior to seeing Dr. Berkovich, I was in and out of hospitals all over the state of New Jersey [and] New York. No doctor could pinpoint what was wrong with me. Upon seeing Dr. Berkovich, he reviewed my tests from prior doctors and was able to diagnose me within minutes of my first appointment with him.Dr. Berkovich additionally quickly sent me for more testing to eliminate any other possible problems. He is extremely thorough in regards to his practice. He would take the time and address any and all questions that I had. His staff members are also helpful. In all my dealings with them, they have always been personable, amicable and helpful.
I would and have referred Dr. Berkovich to friends of mine. Dr. Berkovich was recommended to me by one of my friends. I would highly recommend Dr. Berkovich to anyone who is looking for a doctor.

John S., 04/13/2017

AMW helped me coordinate and concentrate more holistically on my health. Dr. Berkovich is amazing!What stands out to me are the people. I would especially highlight the people at the front desk. They are always welcoming and friendly which makes the experience of going to the doctor’s office much more pleasant. Amy and Cathy in particular should be commended for their professionalism and friendliness.!
Great all around care and experience!

Michael S., 03/31/2017

I had the good fortune to retire from a stressful career and finally had the time to do the things that brought me joy: hiking, golfing, Zumba class, working out at the gym, taking long walks with my grandsons and my dog Max, riding my bike early mornings on the boardwalk, and just relaxing at the beach with a good book. Several months ago all of these things came to a halt due to a severe hip and groin pain, sometimes extending into the upper leg. I could not even walk without sever pain. Initially I treated with a chiropractor, an orthopedic surgeon, physical therapy and oral steroids, but nothing helped until I found Dr. Peter Aloi who been a Godsend to me.Dr. Aloi diagnosed my problem and began treating me with Active Release Techniques. Dr. Aloi’s expertise and treatment plan in relieving my pain has been amazing. My muscles are relaxed and functioning and I am back to living life again; doing all the things that I enjoy. Dr. Aloi also provided me with home exercised to keep the muscles functioning to full capacity. Dr. Aloi is a very caring and personable provider. I intend to stay on a maintenance program under his care and cannot thank him enough for giving me my life back to me.
I also treat with Dr. Vladimir Berkovich, who is a brilliant doctor with a caring heart and Tracey Capell, a very kind and knowledgeable nutritionist. I am grateful not to be on may medications and manage my health with a good eating plan and natural supplements. Gina, the phlebotomist, is the best, and I have a need for a same day appointment, I see Dr. Rittberg.
AMW is a top notch medical facility that can take care of all your needs. I love it there and am so grateful to all the staff at AMW for their kind, caring and professional service. Thank you all for your part in allowing to live a health, productive life.

Linda R., 03/30/2017

I came here with chest pain. Dr. Rittberg and her staff (Gianna) and the front desk were wonderful. They acted immediately and were very friendly, calm but proactive. I had a heart attack and they saved my life![What stands out] is the time spent to diagnose and be so thorough. The doctor corrected my medication and was so calm and soothing treating me. I highly recommend [AMW] to everyone. They make you feel like family from the moment you walk in.

John B., 03/30/2017

I came to AMW with low back pain and tight muscles. After several sessions with Dr. Aloi, my issues greatly disappeared as my body responded to the “Active Release Techniques” he specializes in.The staff at AMW is very friendly and knowledgeable. They are careful to make a correct diagnosis and are humble enough to admit they don’t have all the answers. Dr. Aloi was always on time, professional, dedicated, direct and friendly. He expressed genuine concern for my desire for increased wellness. He did all he could to help me toward optimized health.
AMW is committed to meet most health needs, with several specialists on staff. They are equipped to deal with many medical issues. The environment among the staff is uplifting as each employee is kind, dedicated and engaged. I am very thankful for my experience at AMW, benefitted greatly from the treatments and highly recommend the practice to others.

Randy S., 02/23/2017

After 20 years of hip, lower back and neck discomfort and unsuccessful treatments by 4 different chiropractors, I experienced significant relief of my symptoms as a result of Dr. Pete Aloi’s “Active Release Therapy (A.R.T.)” Prior to being treated by Dr. Aloi, I accepted my condition, which is primarily due to osteoarthritis, to be simply an aging factor after 72 years of physical “wear and tear”. Dr. Aloi proved my premise wrong!Dr. Aloi’s expertise with applying his A.R.T. has far exceeded my expectations. At 72, I noticed many people around that age walking with a limp. I felt it was a fact of aging and something I had to accept until I was treated by Dr. Aloi. After my 3 rd treatment, I no longer walk with a limp. Therefore, “RESULTS” of care/treatment by Dr. Aloi and the staff are the main attribute that stands out for me.
At 72 years of age, I normally tend to be very skeptical to try a “new” A.R.T. chiropractor treatment, particularly after years of unsuccessful chiropractic treatments. However, based on my successful treatment by Dr. Aloi, I highly recommend to anyone with a condition similar to mine to consider his treatment expertise.

Mike M., 02/15/2016

Over many years I have gone to several dieticians and nutritionists for the purpose of helping me to lose weight. Unfortunately, none of their suggested programs helped me to achieve my desired results. I felt that at age 72, my metabolism was fixed and I couldn’t do anything about it. Then my daughter suggested I make an appointment with Tracey Capell, a Clinical Nutritionist at AMW. From my first appointment with Tracey, I was very impressed with her approach to help me with my goal to lose weight. Specifically, the first step was an analysis of my body composition to determine the best diet approach for me. Based on this outcome, Tracey recommended a low carbohydrate diet and she explained the “dos and don’ts” of dieting. Within three months of Tracey’s program, I lost 20 pounds; and I must admit I had cheated several times with consuming certain carbohydrates not on the program.The most significant stand-out of my experience with Tracey’s program is the “results” of weight loss. And I believe the “results” are based on Tracey’s Clinical Nutritionist expertise and guidance that helped me to succeed.
Since July 2016, I have had a great experience with the help I received from the following AMW service providers: Dr. Shannon Rittberg – Family Medicine; Dr. Pete Aloi – Chiropractic Physician; Dr. Joanna Suchcicka – Physical Therapist and Tracey Capell – Clinical Nutritionist. And on many occasions I have been able to see several of them on the same day, which was a very convenient benefit to me. So I would recommend to a friend to consider contacting the service providers at AMW.

Mike M., 02/15/2016

“I came to AMW after experiencing numbness in my leg and pain in my foot. After seeing Dr. Pete for several weeks and following his instructions on how to stretch properly each night, the numbness went away but the pain in my foot was not resolved. Dr. Pete worked tirelessly to develop a plan for me. He continued to try different methods until he discovered the best course of action for treating my pain. So many people complain that doctors today do not spend enough time with patients to understand their symptoms and work towards solutions – Dr. Pete is the exception. He took the time to understand my pain and my lifestyle to develop a personalized plan of wellness for me.The office staff at AMW is friendly and always takes me into treatment at my scheduled appointment time! Amy and Cathy [at the front desk] are always going above and beyond to take care of anything I ask of them! The staff knows every patient by name. Visiting a doctor has become a pleasant experience.
I would recommend Atlantic Medicine & Wellness to all my colleagues, friends and anyone looking for a high quality, dependable and friendly medical practice.”

Jason G., 01/30/2017

“I’ve been a patient at AMW for at least 15 years, they have helped me in so many ways to feel better. Most recently, I begin seeing Dr. Peter Aloi for “Active Release Therapy (A.R.T.)” for my chronic back pain and after only a few therapies I began to see immediate improvements in my flexibility and reduced pain. Now after only a couple of months of therapy, my pain has been dramatically reduced and on some days is non-existent. Having suffered for many years trying countless therapies unsuccessfully, this is life changing and has allowed me to maintain a regular workout routine which is slowly building me up to where I’d like to be. I’m forever grateful for the support and therapy I’ve received at AMW and will continue to recommend the practice to all of my friends and family. For those suffering with pain, based on my own improvement I would definitely recommend giving the A.R.T. therapy with Dr. Peter a try. He also has a great bedside manner!The staff at AMW is AMAZING! Dr. Peter Aloi has worked his A.R.T. magic on me, which has significantly helped to reduce my back pain and improve my flexibility. Dr. Vladimir Berkovich always has the right recommendation to fix what ails you, and always takes the time needed never making you feel rushed. The thorough testing recommended has provided the information needed to make informed recommendations and manage my care effectively and successfully. I have also received wonderful care and support from Dr. Joanna Suchcicka, Dr. John Ricci and Dr. Martin Manzo, all of which are top notch in their respective fields. Furthermore, the nurses, assistants and office/reception staff are always terrific. Cathy at the front desk always goes above and beyond to be helpful and supportive to me and my family; she’s the best!
I have recommended many friends and family to AMW over the years, all are very grateful and can’t thank me enough. One colleague I recommended to the practice literally thanks me almost every time she sees me due to how much better she feels since she began seeing Dr. Berkovich. In my opinion, deciding whether to go to AMW is a no brainer. If you want to feel better AMW is the place to be.”

Michele M., 12/07/2016

“Back in August of 2016, I injured my back playing baseball and was unable to continue playing. Dr. Pete was able to quickly pinpoint the cause of my injury and the resulting pain. He put me on a regimen of in-office treatment as well as stretches and therapy at home. I felt immediate improvement, and in a short period of time, I was fully recovered and able to play again. Dr. Pete was very good at not only the treatment but explaining to me the nature of the injury and what my expectations should be for recovery.
There are two things that stick out in my mind when I think of my treatment at AMW. First are the very quick and accurate diagnosis and the excellent treatment to improve my condition. Second is how friendly and personable Dr. Pete and the entire staff were for every visit I had to the office. I always felt very comfortable during my visits and especially enjoyed the good nature teasing between Dr. Pete and me regarding our favorite sports team.

I would absolutely recommend AMW to anyone seeking help for sports-related or similar injuries. I would tell then that my treatment was excellent and the staff was very professional and friendly.”

Alex P., 11/16/2016

“Over the summer I broke my left fibula bone. I was in a cast non-weight bearing cast for 8 weeks, then 2 weeks in a walking boot and then 6 weeks in an ankle brace. After my cast was removed, I began feeling a lot of discomfort in my right hip flexor and lower back. As I began walking more, my left calf muscle became very tight all the time which made it very painful to walk. I made an appointment with Dr. Aloi hoping to get some relief as soon as possible.
At my first visit, Dr. Aloi sat down and spoke with me for a few minutes to discuss what had been going on with my broken ankle. He performed a thorough examination and found that my hips were way out of alignment, which was definitely the starting place for a lot of my pain. He spent a lot of time with me that first visit working on my hip flexor as well as my left foot and calf. I saw some improvement after that initial visit. I went back 2 days later for another treatment and found in the days following that appointment that I was able to walk without very much pain. The mobility in my left foot was starting to get much better and my lower back was no longer bothering me. I went for several more treatments over the course of 3 weeks and am feeling back to my usual self.
I am an avid runner, and although I can’t quite run yet I have been able to use the elliptical and take yoga classes. I told Dr. Aloi many times he is a miracle worker!! I can’t thank him enough for all of his help making me feel back to normal. When I hear that my friends are suffering in pain, I always recommend Dr. Aloi. He is not just a regular chiropractor; he performs a different technique (ART- Active Release Techniques) that gets into the muscles that are causing the pain. I am so happy to a friend recommended him to me and I hope that others find the same relief that I was able to get!”

Danielle H., 10/19/2016

“Dr. Aloi and Active Release Technique helped speed along my recovery of frozen shoulder. I was attending physical therapy elsewhere and realized I was not progressing as I wished. Since my husband and two daughters came to Dr. Aloi, I knew of his technique and success rate.
The A.R.T. treatment stands out for me. Dr. Aloi moved my treatment along at a faster pace due to his treatments. I don’t think I would have healed well with just PT.

AMW offers medical staff for many areas. The doctors are knowledgeable, caring and personable. I highly recommend AMW!”

Lisa J. 10/03/2016

“I was experiencing lots of pain in my upper back, shoulder blades and numbness in my hands. After diagnosing a herniated disc and recommending A.R.T. treatments with Dr. Aloi, within 6 weeks (first week 2 times and once every week to follow) the results of the treatments were incredible, and most importantly, healing. My muscles were relaxed and I no longer had pain or numbness. Today, I am continuing my maintenance program and I feel great!
The quality of care and experience of the staff has kept me a loyal patient of AMW since my first visit with Dr. Ricci in May 2015. The natural point of view to healing at AMW is critical to my perspective on how I want to take care for my health. Lastly, the compassion and friendliness of the team is unmatched. I love coming back and actually feel that I can speak and catch up with my doctors. Dr. Ricci, Dr. Aloi, Dr. Joanna and Dr. Manzo: love you all!!

If you want a practice that keeps highly experienced and knowledgeable doctors, AMW is the place for you. AMW has become my “one stop shop” for healthcare with all the different areas of expertise covered. AMW provides a warm, relaxing environment with a compassionate staff always willing to flex within schedules that are challenging.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

For changing my life and being my partners and my team for improving my health!”

Seneida M., 08/19/2016

“On August 8, 2016, I had my blood drawn. Gina was fantastic! I didn’t feel a thing! Her technique was superior. She us an asset to AMW!”

Mary T., 08/20/2016

“[AMW helped me with] Active Release Technique. [What stands out for me] is the quality of care and knowledge of the doctor.
I suffered shoulder pain in both my shoulders for over a year due to playing sports. I felt the damage done was irreversible. Active Release Technique is a non-surgical approach to treatment that took away my pain and gave me back full range of motion in my shoulders.”

Jennifer M. 8/15/2016

“They have helped me very step of the way, from prescriptions to physicals to even guiding me to getting a nursing degree. Not to mention helping me when I’ve been sick. They are great!!
The amount of time spent [stands out for me}. A+ quality of care and always being friendly and understanding!

Absolutely come to AMW for any medical or wellness needs. They are amazing!”

Corinne L., 08/10/2016

“I was already a patient at AMW when Dr. Rittberg referred me to Jen McCarron. I was going through some changes in my life and I needed help to sort through them. From the first time I met Jen, I felt immediately comfortable. Her professionalism is backed by her kind demeanor and thoughtful insights. I have a much better understanding of how to handle the pressing issues of my life. I can’t imagine going to anyone else.The quality of care (stands out for me) – none above. The best. Everyone here is exceptional. Everyone.
Go now (to AMW) – don’t waste any more of your time.”

Bob G., 08/09/2016

“Everyone at AMW was caring and helpful. My needs were attended to at every turn.The ‘hands-on’ treatment stands out, especially the people in Physical Therapy, where I had the most experience. Dr. Joanna and the staff were very good and helpful!
AMW is the best complete health facility of its kind that I have been to!”

Bob G., 07/28/2016

“Dr. Aloi treated me for numbness in my left hand and restricted motion in my left shoulder. Eight weeks of treatment with Active Release Techniques® relieved both problems. I am currently being treated with A.R.T.® for my lower back. Relief seems promising!”

Richard W., 07/25/16

“Dr. Aloi has helped me over the years with several injuries primarily driven by exercise, sports and leading an active lifestyle. Thanks to Dr. Aloi. I am able to keep moving forward, doing the things I love even though I am in my 40’s.The amount of time, quality of care and the low number of treatments needed to recover [are what stands out for me].
If you have an injury: sports related, muscular, tendons, ligaments, etc., go to Dr. Aloi!!”

Frank T., 07/25/16

“Dr. Joanna and the PT staff are some of the most wonderful people to have when you need help recovering from an injury: their thoroughness and attention to detail are far beyond any practice I’ve been to. Highly recommend any time! Dr. Dave has made a huge change in my wellness. I have more energy, no more sleepless nights, just feeling better overall. I have been to chiropractors my whole life and he is hands down the best! I have also been having problems with my left shoulder for one year straight. Massage, PT for 4 months helped the pain but it kept coming back. One session with Dr. Pete and the pain is gone! And after 4 days no pain, full movement of shoulder. Amazing! Results: A.R.T.® works!High quality and knowledgeable staff is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of AMW. Very helpful, knowledgeable, kind, [staff] just trying to help your situation any way possible. It’s the best! The doctors all work together to get results that really work. They are all very knowledgeable in their fields and are willing to go out of the way to get you better.Every doctor and staff of AMW are very helpful, kind, and want to help you better yourself. The best cure ever. The best medical center hands down. You need to go; you won’t be disappointed. The best care you can receive! Period.”

Joe M., 07/21/2016

“I reinjured a torn meniscus in my knee and thought for sure surgery was my only option. Thanks to Dr. Aloi’s Active Release Techniques therapy, not only are the swelling and pain gone but I was able to quickly return to all my regular physical activities which include CrossFit, golf, softball and my daily walking routine. Thanks to A.R.T., I was able to avoid surgery!I was so happy that I was back to full activity in a relatively short amount of time. After 2-3 weeks, I was at about 80% and after 6 weeks, I am at 100%!! Compared to surgery, ART is definitely the better option!
Before considering any invasive treatment for an injury, talk to Dr. Aloi first. A.R.T. is certainly the way to go!”

Catherine G., 07/20/2016

“The multi-faceted approach to disease and illness is phenomenal. I finally am on the road to changed behaviors that promote optimum health. At almost 71, I feel better than I did 20 years ago!! Dr. Ricci is no nonsense but makes all the difference!
[What stands out for me is] the multi-faceted MD approach plus excellent chiropractic care with Dr. Dave. The various techniques he practices have really allowed me to capitalize on the physical therapy goals [as well as] the other techniques practiced here. He has experience and ability that go beyond the “bone crunch” chiropractic experience. Even if you don’t need a complete reboot, he can help. Anyone with knee, hip or back issues involving fascial scarring, etc. would probably benefit from his knowledge and insight. Follow his advice and counsel, use the prescribed orthotics and miracles can happen!Also, thanks to the support staff who are always patient, cheerful and accommodating to all the chiropractic and physical therapy patients!Run don’t walk to AMW. I am sorry I procrastinated as long as I did. I was encouraged to come about 3 ½ years ago, but it’s only the last year that I’ve really followed through. If you are just looking for outstanding chiropractic care, call and make an appointment and consultation with Dr. Dave! They can and do work miracles to help people move naturally without pain killers and other artificial, sometimes dangerous, medicines.”

Linda S., 07/11/2016

“After a variety of attempts to heal a back injury, I arrived at AMW. Immediately, Dr. Manzo diagnosed my problem and began a systematic approach toward total wellness. Within a few weeks, I made significant improvement. Not only is my back feeling better, my whole body feels better![What stands out for me is] The friendly staff that takes time to listen to your concerns with respect and a genuine desire to want to see you well; well-trained individuals with diverse expertise who are able to rightly assess the problem and work toward healing; multiple approaches (e.g. chiropractic, stretching, biomechanics) that combine to address specific issues.Highly recommended!”

Randy S., 07/11/2016

“AMW helped me very much. I have a connective tissue disorder and the treatment I received at AMW really helped my discomfort.At AMW, I tried a treatment called Active Release Therapy that has helped relive my pain a lot!
I would definitely recommend AMW to a friend who needed treatment. The staff and doctors make sure they did everything they could to help.”

Karen G., 07/1/2016

“AMW helped me with every little pain I was experiencing. Using the cold laser, electric stim, heat pads, Active Release Techniques, they relieved any discomfort I was going through (I had pulled a hamstring, and had a very tight lower back).What stood out the most for me was the way all the doctors worked together, asking for those who were specialized in the field that was needed. Nobody “knew it all” and did more harm than good. On top of all that, they are all great people who truly care about the patient. They are not here to just make you come back, and keep paying.
Going through any type of discomfort, this is the place you need to be at. They are the best I have ever experienced. They are truly professionals. I love coming because I know my health is the most important thing to them.”

Luca D., 06/22/16

“AMW helped with a blood draw from Gina [the phlebotomist]. It was the fastest, most painless blood draw I have ever had!! AMW offers great care, top notch doctors and an excellent staff!”

Francis T., 06/21/2016

“Dr. Pete was very helpful with my back and groin pains. I feel more flexible and stronger after becoming for a couple of weeks.Something that stands out at AMW is how well the staff treats all their patients. They manage to help you recover and at the same time, they make you feel very comfortable. It’s like being treated by a friend.
If I were to tell someone about AMW, I would say ‘Come here! It’s awesome!!'”

Sam H., 06/09/2016

“AMW helped with a blood draw from Gina [the phlebotomist]. Gina is wonderful!! Everything goes so smoothly! AMW is caring, knowledgeable and pleasant.”

JoAnn K., 06/08/2016

“This was one of the only years I didn’t get sick. I usually get post-nasal drip and that leads to upper respiratory infections. Since I’ve been getting the [immunology] shots I need, I haven’t gotten sick and I haven’t needed allergy meds.Everyone at AMW is really great and they are all friendly and made this a good experience. I would recommend others to try it.
I would tell others to come to AMW. Everyone here is helpful and wonderful!”

Marianne L., 06/18/2016

“I had a strained hip flexor which affected my knee and, consequently, my ability to run. I came to Dr. Aloi with the goal to run in the Spring Lake 5 Mile Run on Memorial Day weekend. After six (6) weekly treatments, I was able to run again and participate in the Spring Lake 5 Mile Run and ran well!!
The time Dr. Aloi took to rule out causes of my injury by having x-rays taken and other testing procedures [stands out for me.] He wanted to make sure he was using appropriate treatment for the injury.

If I were to tell a friend about AMW, I would tell them that AMW is a great place to have treatment!”

Jim N., 05/30/2016

“I am a 50 year old man who is trying to fight off “old age” by staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle. I am by no means an athlete, but I do enjoy running, bicycling, hiking, and golf. Several weeks ago I began to be awoken in the middle of the night with muscle tightness and soreness in my thighs, calves, and heels. When self-care didn’t work, I came to see Dr. Aloi. I’ve been to other chiropractors and ART providers in the past with limited results. Dr. Aloi’s care differs from the others in the amount of time he spends on his examination and the detailed history he takes in order to make an accurate diagnosis. After the very first treatment, the heel pain and calf pain were virtually eliminated. The thigh pain proved to be a bit more challenging to treat and Dr. Aloi ordered x-rays to rule out damage to my lower spine which may have been causing the pain. Once these x-rays proved negative, we continued both the ART treatment in the office and the stretching and strengthening program I was doing at home.
I’m happy to say that the pain and soreness are almost completely gone. I’m running again and I even completed back-to-back 5K’s a few weekends ago!

In addition to Dr. Aloi, the entire staff of AMW has been tremendously friendly, courteous, and helpful. I’m greeted warmly at each visit by the staff at the front desk and the assistants working with Dr. Aloi. I have already recommended AMW and Dr. Aloi to my brother who has been suffering with hip and leg pain and he’s now a patient.”

Michael W, 06/20/2016

I have experienced tremendous relief since I have been coming to the facility. Dr. Peter Aloi has been phenomenal with his A.R.T.® treatments. I strongly believe that his treatments along with decompression therapy have been monumental to my improving. Physical therapy has also been a great help, as it’s wonderful working with Dr. Joanna.
The care at the facility is excellent. Everyone seems to be friendly and helpful. The Chiro/PT staff are awesome.
I would definitely recommend [AMW] to anyone interested in treatment. I have already made numerous referrals.

John M, 05/31/2016

The front staff is amazing and aways helpful. Dr. Ricci has turned my health around.
Amy, Gloriann [at the front desk] and Toni and Donna [from the nursing staff] – it is because of these ladies that I look forward to coming back.

They [people] must come here! Hands down best doctor and staff around!!

Jason G, 05/31/2016

Dr. Pete Aloi saw me for only a dozen visits, and in a short period of time was able to help me substantially. As I am an athlete, it is a hindrance being bothered by tendonitis in both knees with other related lower body injuries and setbacks. I went from not being able to play recreational basketball, go for a run or even do a squat without being in pain. Now, I feel like my knees and lower body are back to normal, and I can go back to doing the things I love to do, like playing sports, lifting weights and exercise. I recommend A.R.T.® to anyone who may be effected in similar ways to myself, whether it’s issues with your tendons, ligaments, nerves, muscles, etc. I’m just happy to be back to my regular routine!
The quality of care and concern for patient health, first and foremost, supremely stands out. The treatments provided are of high quality.
Each doctor/specialist has one main concern: the health of the patient. They are helpful, intelligent and experienced. They provide quality service and guidance for the future as well.

Matthew S., 07/25/16

As a runner, overuse injuries and discomfort come with the territory, but Dr. Aloi and AMW’s treatment have kept me on the roads doing what I love to do without missing too much training.

Dr. Aloi and the rest of the AMW staff take great care in working with their patients to identify the source of the pain and injury. After only a few sessions of treatment, I was able to resume training without any discomfort. Very knowledgeable staff.
I highly recommend Dr. Aloi to anyone. When it comes to treatment of any injury I have had, Dr. Aloi and the AMW staff have been the best at getting me back to do what I love.

Jack T, 05/27/2016

[How did AMW help you??] Too many ways to say!! I am definitely a healthier, more vibrant person.
I never feel rushed for appointments. The staff will take the time they need to understand your needs. The lab work is through and convenient (done on premises).
Dr. Berkovich and AMW have taken care of my family and me since I was 35. We have trusted him to use his knowledge of the human body and evidence based research to formulate treatment plans to heal our various ailments. His brilliant mind understands the connection of the mind and body, the need for proper skeletal alignment as well as the importance of proper diet and nutrient supplementation. Now that I am 50, I am confident Dr. Berkovich and Dr. Ricci will provide an anti-aging regimen to continue to feel vibrant and energetic.

Joan D, 05/19/2016

“I came to AMW because I could not bend my elbow more than 45 degrees and had numbness in my fingertips. After one session with Dr. Pete and Active Release Technique®, I was able to touch my nose and after the second session, 2 days later, I had about 95% [mobility].
It is not so much the time but the quality of support that you receive. I have personally observed the staff treat the patients as if was the only thing they had to do. Diagnosis is spot on. Treatment is personalized, supervised, thorough and complete; treatments are done with the care as if you are special. AMW treats everyone special!
I have referred many people and have not received a negative comment. I tell people you will be treated not as a number, but as a person. AMW will go the extra miles even if you won’t!”

Paul M, 05/09/2016

“After about 3 sessions, I was back on the field, good as new.
As to the quality of care, Dr. Aloi never rushed through a treatment, [as to what stood out at AMW]. He took his time and did it right!
I would say if you need help with any sport injuries, Dr. Aloi is your guy!!”

Matt G., 05/02/16

“I have had numbing in my arms and hands every morning for the past 4 to 5 months – after one treatment [at AMW] I woke in the morning with no numbing at all. Whenever I come up with a problem, it always gets solved!
I have never had a negative experience at AMW! I have also never left with unanswered questions or problems. I always feel that I’m in the best hands, whether it be therapy, chiropractic, medicine or allergies.”
You must check out AMW! You will never go anywhere else!!”

Laurie G., 09/15/14

“Although I have continuing challenges from an auto accident, because of Dr. Berkovich’s use of “alternative” and conventional protocols, I can only say “I’m feeling well!”
Dr. Berkovich always makes me feel that I’m his only patient, which is rare. He cares about people. His sophisticated genetic diagnostic testing not only uncovered a genetic issue for me, it also “impressed” doctors who are treating me for the auto accident.
I would recommend Dr. Berkovich to anyone, including my own family members because I know they would receive the same excellent care!”

Robert K., 07/26/14

“In dealing with an illness, AMW spent the time to explore all ailments and symptoms of the illness. They provided multiple medical exams and options for recovery. The supplements and medication were described in detail so that I had a complete understanding of their uses and benefits.
The amount of time spent exploring in full detail all [aspects] of my illness was remarkable. All patient care was confidential and I felt completely secure with the treatment I was receiving.
I would immediately recommend the treatment given by AMW to any family member or friend. I would inform them with complete confidence that their treatment would be beyond satisfactory.”

Patrick T., 04/22/14

“I am impressed with the overall cheerfulness and good feelings shown by staff. The smiles and greetings even in passing are welcoming and positive. It is a nice place to be. Also, I am glad we in the waiting room do not have to suffer the drone of a TV. In addition, the quality of professional care is first rate.”

Barbara, 04/10/14

“I am a lifetime athlete and over the last seven years Dr. Berkovich has helped seven of my sports injuries starting with a dislocated elbow, a problem with bursa and also an injury to my trapezius. I live on Staten Island and travel all the way to New Jersey because he is probably the finest doctor that has ever treated me.
I think the first reason is Dr. Berkovich has always been able to diagnose the problem. He always takes the time to be thorough about the problem and he also has the ability to come up with a solution to the problem.
I would tell anyone looking for a doctor that if you go to see Dr. Berkovich that I can assure you that he will be able to diagnose and more importantly come up with a solution for most of your physical needs.”

Arthur M., 02/10/14

“I have arthritis, herniated and compressed discs, spondylolysis, etc. and was doing “okay”. However, pain, fatigue and the inability to move and sleep became increasingly worse. Dr. Ricci has been treating me since August 2013. He has helped me regain the quality of life I had previously and always enjoyed. I am happier and moving with relative ease!
Dr. Ricci is a skilled physician and well trained in diagnostics. He exhibits an “extra mileness” interest in each of his patients. He is warm, kind, caring and empathetic, has a great sense of humor while always focusing on how best to treat and improve the overall health and well-being of his patients. His medical knowledge and competence are unsurpassable and above reproach! I admire, respect and trust him implicitly. AMW’s extremely fortunate to have such an exemplary, compassionate human being as part of their staff.
Go to AMW!! Stop suffering needlessly. Don’t waste your time self-treating or waiting for it to go away and do not attribute all symptoms to age! AMW will provide caring, competent, knowledgeable doctors with new innovative, successful methods of treatment to help you feel so much better physically and emotionally!”

Angela H., 11/22/13

“Dr. Ricci listened to me describe my symptoms and through testing was able to diagnose my illness. Today, I am feeling quite well, thanks to AMW!
I never feel rushed through my appointments. Dr. Ricci is very thorough and explains test results and treatment options clearly. I would definitely recommend AMW. The doctors and staff are so nice and professional. I always have a positive experience.”

Beth, 10/23/13

“I am feeling stronger and have learned how important the strengthening exercise are.
The quality of care was excellent. I never was rushed. The hands on instructions were very helpful to my recovery. I would highly recommend Atlantic Medicine & Wellness. They are highly trained personnel.”

El L., 10/16/13

“One of the greatest achievements of Doctors Ricci and Berkovich’s individualized and complementary approach to medicine was my mother’s still keen mind at 97. Had she not taken a serious fall she would have lived to 100 and written this “love” note herself.
Give the body what it needs and it will heal itself. Doctors Berkovich and Ricci treat the whole body and not just its various compartments. The doctor’s listen to the patients and so their healing process begins.
I have recommended a few people to AMW because not only do the “good doctors” practice medicine – they practice humanity.”

Eleanor P., 10/8/13

“AMW has helped and still helps me in many ways. I found them two years ago online, while looking for a doctor that thinks outside the box. I was tired of getting the run around from other doctors telling me it was most likely depression or anxiety and leading me to believe that I was crazy! I can’t quite remember what exactly I had looked up, but Dr. Berkovich’s name came up on my search. Everybody in his practice go above and beyond to show that they truly care. Not only do they treat me for my symptoms, but they care about my overall health and try doing their best to find the underlying cause. With this they found that I had a mutated gene that caused depression and anxiety. With a daily supplement and B12, the feelings have been lifted. I also know where I stand as far as heart disease, which is in my family, They also found I wasn’t responding to the thyroid medicine that my endocrinologist prescribed, so [Dr. Berkovich] switched me to a new brand, and I‘ve been better since.
The amount of time the doctors spend with you really shows they care. And the fact that this practice has extensive testing that other doctors don’t offer or even know about, really says something about the practice. These are an amazing group of people with hearts of gold.

I strongly recommend this practice to all my friends and family looking for a doctor that will help like no other. If you are tired of looking for the answers, this is the group to turn to.”

 Laurie F., 11/5/13

“Dr. Ricci helped me emotionally and physically on coming to terms with my chronic illness and how I can treat it. Other physicians treated me as damaged and inflexible. Dr. Ricci took my whole health history, with testing done in house, as well as physical therapy.
Go for the complimentary consultation, and you will find a facility that cares about your whole well-being and not just pushing harmful drugs to deteriorate you.”

Susan R., 10/23/13