What is Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy?

Millions of women and men in the United States are suffering from hormonal fluctuations. For women, it is early menopause, perimenopausal symptoms, perimenopause weight gain, adrenal fatigue, menopause, or premenstrual symptoms (PMS). In men, it often manifests as sexual dysfunction. In many cases, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is an alternative solution

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement TherapyThe signs of menopause and related hormonal issues in women include weight gain, hot flashes and night sweats, mood swings, depression, low libido, insomnia, fatigue, memory loss, fibroids, and vaginal dryness. Perimenopausal weight gain is often times misdiagnosed and sometimes is the first sign of hormonal imbalance. These signs of menopause or perimenopause and related conditions are also connected to stress levels, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and the environmental toxins the body is exposed to on a daily basis.

Besides relieving menopausal symptoms in women, HRT improves circulation and slows down tissue breakdown associated with aging in both men and women. It also increases the bones ability to retain calcium, which in turn, helps to prevent osteoporosis and loss of teeth. Muscle tone is improved with HRT leading to improvement in “leaky bladders” and increased sexual responsiveness. In fact, all aspects of sexual function can be improved with the proper use of replacement hormones in both men and women. HRT may also be helpful in reducing the risk of mortality, heart failure, or myocardial infarction, especially if started early after menopause. In our practice, we focus on what hormones you may be deficient in and replace them with bio-identical hormones. Natural or bio-identical hormones have a molecular structure identical to those hormones that the body produces. Therefore, the body treats them as “natural” and metabolizes them in the normal physiological processes, which offers advantages over “strong” synthetic equine hormones sold under brand names like Premarin®.

Our Approach to Treatment

Atlantic Medicine & Wellness uses individualized and customized approaches to each patient’s specific needs. Hormones for both men and women may be administered in a variety of ways including injection, creams, oral tablets, or suppositories. Though multiple hormones may be required to achieve the goal, we often utilize a compounding pharmacy for our female hormones to conveniently combine hormones in a cream for single applications. We also use HRT in conjunction with other treatments to help patients feel and perform at their best. Patients are continually monitored to prevent rare side effects and reduce any risk associated with HRT.

Our goal is to design a specific treatment program that works effectively for each individual. HRT is a safe, effective option for men and women, and allows patients to live a healthy life as they age. Many find HRT is the key to feeling balanced and healthy.

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